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12-year-old boy built wheelchair from Legos for dog with 2 legs

A dog without front legs disability can now run and play thanks to a 12-year volunteer at the animal shelter who built his wheelchair out of Lego.

Gracie discarded one year at a veterinary clinic when he was a baby. He was covered with maggots and hair disappear under the eyes and on the legs and tail. He also lost his two front legs because of a birth defect.

The vet reached out to a local rescue called Most Mutts Animal Rescue, in Kennesaw, Georgia, who took Gracie to help him find a new home. Turley family, who run the shelter, Gracie loved it so much, they decided to adopt him for themselves.

Gracie loves to play with her fur brother, including the dog who was paralyzed in the hind legs and likes to pull around, and on who has three legs. While Gracie can get around OK on its own two feet behind her, her mother, Tammy, was worried about his injury so they asked for help Dylan, 12, a volunteer at the shelter.

Because Gracie is still a puppy and will continue to grow, it needs a wheelchair that can adapt. So Dylan built one using Lego that Gracie could velcroed into.

“The first couple of times, it took him a minute to figure out, but we ended up getting little pieces of hot dog and when he smelled them, he took off,” said Tammy The Dodo.

Gracie quickly outgrew the first chair, so Dylan was built on her second designed to lift her over. But they realized that he needed one with bigger wheels, so he made a third version.

Gracie is now one year old and done growing, so he can get fitted for the right chair that will take place so that he can continue to pursue the ball and rolled around with her siblings.

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