Doctor uses tiktok to warn children about vaping and teach them important health topics

A young doctor has been brought to the TikTok, new social media applications popular among General Z, to share information about health issues that are important, including the negative side effects of vaping.

Dr. Rose Marie Leslie, 29, is a second year family resident at the University of Minnesota Physicians Broadway Family Medicine Clinic.

When he first joined the platform six months ago, she initially began to share a video about the busy life as a resident. But every time she’ll share a video with medical facts, he saw more comments and the like.

The demographic that uses tiktok may not get as much health information at home or at school and find it somewhere else,” he told Good Morning America.

He now has 234,000 fans on social media channels and regularly post videos on topics such as STDs, reproductive health, and mental health, but with a fun approach

“There are a lot of teens and young adults, millions actually, which form the population on these social media platforms, but relatively few medical professionals,” said Leslie ABC News. “So I really feel like it is a space where I could come and use health information that I know.”

Leslie also said he used the platform to learn about the field of medicine that is interested in learning more about.

“This is a great way for me to understand what health topics that are important to teens and young adults,” She said.

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